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Can Windows 7 Back Linux Off from the Desktop?

Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system, expected to ship later this year, is already being heralded as the potential savior of the (economically challenged) IT business. It could do something else, ho Read More

A Major Overseas Breakthrough for Open Source

No doubt open-source proponents are rejoicing over this news: The British government has decided to increase its use of open-source software in the public services field. It will be adopted over Read More

Is Google an Obama Administration Antitrust Target?

Nothing gets the high-tech industry more agitated that the word "antitrust." So the reports ricocheting around the blogosphere about Google coming into the Obama Administration's legal sights are Read More

Microsoft's Windows 7 Netbook Challenge

As if Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7 operating system release doesn't have the tech industry and channel buzzed enough, he's a new issue to worry about: Netbooks.I Read More

Mobile Industry Readjusts to Reality

The Mobile World Congress is underway in Barcelona this week and both vendor and service provider executives are having to adjust to the realities of an economic slowdown. Mobility has been Read More

Cuban Government Kick-Starts Linux

You want real open source? Head south to Havana. The Cuban government -- the one that's outlasted 10 U.S. presidents and a 50-year American boycott -- has launched a new operating system cal Read More

IBM Names Cloud Computing Czar

Cloud computing has been receiving its share of attention on this web site and many others as vendors and channel partners adjust their busines plans to get under the cloud. Now there's a sign th Read More

From Netbooks to Netphones?

Asus, the manufacturer that carved out the worldwide netbook market, is the latest vendor to get more serious about the increasingly crowded smartphone field. Vendor announcements are popping up like Read More

Corporations Still Shipping IT Jobs Offshore

Despite the worsening economic downturn (or perhaps more accurately, as a convenient excuse to capitalize on it), U.S. corporations are continuing to ship thousands of IT jobs offshore. M Read More

The Year of the Smartphone

It seems to me the smartphone sweepstakes are getting a bit crowded. Just a few days ago, Acer revealed plans  to announce its entry into the market. Now the Wall Street Journal has set the blogo Read More

Acer Smartphone Could Fulfill VARs' Wish

Google's Latest Plan to Dominate The World

Everyone knows Google has big plans for the cloud (including an important role for the channel), but now the company sounds like its planning something really big: Launching a service that would Read More

Will Obama Push Open Source in Federal Government?

Here's news that should really get the open-source community flapping: President Barack Obama is supposedly studying the benefits that open source might bring to the U.S. government. According to this Read More

Will Cisco's Server Move Trigger A Channel Battle

Channel networking giant Cisco is supposedly preparing to enter the $50 billion server market, which would greatly round out its product strategy and propel it into new competition with vendors such a Read More

Google's Action Bodes Well for the Channel

One of the interesting facts lost in the debate following Google's recent decision to launch a  Read More

Macs Finally Making Their Move Into Enterprise

Good news for Apple resellers used to seeing Macintoshes exalted in the education, graphic design and publishing markets but rejected in many others: The Mac is at last making inroads into the enterpr Read More

Indian Outsourcing Scandal A Wake-Up Call to U.S. Companies

American companies may finally be reassessing their need to outsource to India, a step that I believe is long overdue. Last month's terrorist attacks in Mumbai caused some firms to think twice ab Read More

An Economic Recovery for IT? Wait 'Til Next Year

There's a awful lot of confusing debate about just how the economy will play out this year, and I don't believe the economic pundits are going to be any better predicti Read More

Happy Holidays from ITChannelPlanet

The ITChannelPlanet staff wishes all our readers a happy and peaceful holiday season. Our channel blog will return with new entries on Monday, January 5. Read More

Will Cisco's Settlement Satisfy the Channel?

According to published reports, Cisco has agreed to pay $5.45 million to Infra-Comm, a California VAR that successfully sued the networking v Read More

Has Apple Become The New Dell?

Apple Computer has always had a tumultuous relationship with the channel, but its recent announcement that it is pulling out of MacWorld really seems to put it on t Read More

Will VARs Buy Into Ingram Micro's Peer Groups?

Distributor Ingram Micro has teamed up with Heartland Tech Groups to bring peer-group practices Read More

Smartphone Battle Is Ready to Rage

With mobile smartphones representing one of the few bright spots in the high-tech economy, the report that Google's Android is gathering more Read More

Two IT Reseller Groups Forge Partnership

Apparently, consolidation isn't just for channel partners and vendors. Now, two of the channel's four leading trade groups, The ASCII Group and Read More

Federal Government Still Covering Up for Telecom Carriers

The federal government is back in court, desperately providing cover for the major telecom companies accused of doing its bidding by spying on Americans. The Bush Administration urged a federal j Read More

Is A Microsoft Branded Smartphone Coming?

First, there was Apple's iPhone, then Google's Android-based GPhone, followed by BlackBerry's Storm. Now is it time for Microsoft to brand it's own smartphone? The rumors are getting stronger, an Read More

There's New Life in In-Flight Internet

The notion that your friendly airline company would someday act as you local Internet provider seemed to go out the window with the whole notion of the "friendly skies" itself. But now, in-flight Inte Read More

Is A 'Netbook' Really the Next Pet Rock?

Are netbooks, those mini-notebooks catching fire in the retail space, destined to become just a passing fad, the pet rocks and hula-hoops of the MySpace generation?  Seems like at least a few ind Read More

Remembering Mark Cuban's Days As A VAR

Back before he bought the Dallas Mavericks or ever Danced with the Stars, it's interesting to recall how technology billionaire Mark Cuban toiled in the VAR channel as a lowly solution provi Read More

HP and Microsoft Duke It Out Over Vista

Now here's a story a VAR could love: Two channel powerhouses, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard, are duking it out in court over a technology issue. The VARs for both companies can sit back, munch po Read More

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