IBM Betting Big on Cloud Computing

IBM is offering up some concrete milestones to underscore its long-term commitment to cloud computing, highlighted by Mark Loughridge, the vendor's chief financial officer, telling investors at the company's recent meeting that it expects to generate $7 billion in cloud revenue by 2015.

In pointing to its cloud chops, IBM said that in 2010 it managed more than 13 billion security events for some 4,000 customers per day, engaged thousands of enterprise clients to transform their IT to the cloud, and, on the IBM Cloud counted 35,000 marketers globally who used its marketing operations on demand daily, managed 4.5 million client transactions each business day, and handled 6 billion consumer interactions.

To further its cloud efforts, IBM said that it has invested some $3 billion in strategic cloud acquisitions, including WebDialogs, ThinkDynamics, Outblaze, Cast Iron Systems, Coremetrics, Unica, Sterling Commerce, ISS, Arsenal and Diligent Technologies.

In addition, It also deployed about 200 researchers at its 11 Cloud Development Labs to work on cloud security and privacy and opened five cloud data centers for its business cloud services.

Five years ago IBM initiated so-called "Blue Cloud" labs worldwide to seek out first-of-its-kind projects and accelerate proof-of-concept with large business clients, public sector agencies and educational institutions.

Now, the company said that it has 20 million end-user customers of its cloud computing software and services, making it among the IT industry's largest Software-as-a-Service providers.   

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