Dell Tops Newsweek's 2010 U.S. Green List

Dell Inc. topped Newsweek's 2010 environmental ranking of the 500 largest publicly-traded companies in the U.S., as measured on revenue, market capitalization and number of employees, outscoring rivals Hewlett-Packard Co. and IBM Corp. on criteria such as environmental impact, green policies and reputation.

Of the top 10 companies on Newsweek's U.S. list, eight are technology vendors, including Intel Corp. in fifth place, Adobe Systems Inc. in seventh and Yahoo! in ninth place. Advanced Micro Devices Inc. landed in 12th place and Cisco Systems Inc. in 13th position in the rankings.

On Newsweek's worldwide environmental ranking of the top 500 publicly-traded companies in developed and emerging markets, IBM finished first, followed by HP, Johnson & Johnson, Sony and GlaxoSmithKline. Four technology companies appeared in the top 10 list.

Newsweek praised Dell for building a sustainability strategy, setting goals and meeting them.

The magazine noted that Dell's laptops and desktops are constructed to use 25 percent less energy than similar systems made five years ago, a move that has saved its customers more than $5 million in energy costs.

In addition, the company has used some 7.2 million lbs. of recycled plastic to build new computers to go along with the IT industry's most comprehensive recycling program.

Michelle Mosmeyer, a Dell blogger, wrote, "Customers who strive to be more environmentally responsible inspire us to continually find better ways to design our solutions and run our business. And the efficiencies that those customers realize from greener practices, products and services are reward enough for us."

Newsweek said that the methodology used to set the ranking criteria was crafted in collaboration with MSCI ESG Research, the lead researcher on the project, Trucost, which quantifies and prices environmental impact, and CorporateResister.com, which maintains the world's largest online directory of social responsibility, sustainability and environmental reports.

Each company's total score was based on environmental impact, weighted at 45 percent, green policies, weighted at 45 percent, and reputation, weighted at 10 percent.

The environmental impact score is a measurement of a company's operations, based on some 700 metrics such as greenhouse gas emissions, water use and solid waste disposal.

Green policies is an assessment of how a company manages its environmental footprint, and the reputation score is based on an opinion survey of social responsibility professionals, academics and other environmental experts who subscribe to CorporateRegister.com.


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