Intel's FTC Settlement Good for Channel Partners, AMD Exec Says

A day after Intel Corp. settled an antitrust dispute with the Federal Trade Commission last month, Nigel Dessau, AMD's senior vice president and chief marketing officer, in a blog entry weighed in on why the deal was good for consumers, in particular lauding the agency's continued monitoring of Intel's competitive behavior to ensure a level playing field.

Yesterday, David Kenyon, AMD's vice president, worldwide channel marketing, writing in a blog post, said that the FTC's eyes on Intel will help channel partners, too.

"Clearly, a healthy, competitive marketplace is good for consumers, but from my viewpoint, it's equally important for the channel," Kenyon said.

"Take for example, value added resellers (VARs) or custom system builders. Without fair and open competition, VARs are stripped of their value and custom system builders are deprived of the myriad solutions necessary to deliver specialized products," he said.

Kenyon said that AMD is hopeful that a "new era heralding the benefits of fair and open competition" will result from the FTC's agreement with Intel.

"A level playing field has always been our goal," Kenyon said.

Competition is rarely fair and playing fields typically aren't level but it will be interesting to see if and how much AMD can bite into Intel's dominant market share and whether or not the FTC's monitoring of Intel makes any difference at all to either company's market penetration.

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