McAfee Reports Malware Reaches New Highs

McAfee Inc.said in a new security report that it compiled 10 million new malware entries in the first six months of 2010, or more than 50,000 a day, and pointed to portable storage, fake antivirus, AutoRun malware, personal data-stealing Trojans and social media-related as the primary targets.

With the incidence-level seemingly at an all-time high, notable examples are everywhere.

Last week, Symantec Corp. warned of a new spam email circulating the Internet that contains a particularly malicious Trojan constructed to steal personal information such as banking details and may be customized to hijack other information.

Today, Sophos Plc cautioned about a new Facebook scam involving fake "Dislike" buttons that, when clicked on, launch an application to access the user's profile information and replicate itself to other Facebook users.

With the Trojan identified by Symantec, payload-carrying emails arrive with a 119 KB-sized .zip attachment, referencing a birthday, photographs, resume or other seemingly legitimate purpose, according to the blog entry on Symantec's web site.

"We caution users not to open or click on the links or attachments of emails such as these and be suspicious of unsolicited email that contains attachments or links," wrote Samir Patil, a Symantec employee.

McAfee is advocating that the security industry become far more active to combat cyber criminals. In a special report, entitled Security Takes the Offensive, McAfee issues a call to arms, arguing, for example, that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) which accredits registrants that sell domains to cyber criminals, should take a stronger stance against cyber crime.

The security vendor asserts that security professionals, users and administrators should share intelligence information with their trusted security vendor.

Proactive law enforcement and collective action by the security community can help corral cyber criminals, McAfee said.

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