IBM Adds Thousands of Business Analytics Consultants

IBM Corp. has added some 2,000 new consultants to its Business Analytics group so far this year, bringing to about 6,000 its total number of specialists working under an umbrella headed by Fred Balboni, the vendor's global leader for Business Analytics, the company confirmed.

An IBM spokesperson said that the vendor has hired about 1,000 dedicated business analytics people in each of the first two quarters of this year and expects to continue hiring.

In the past decade, IBM has spent some $12 billion on developing its business analytics technology profile and the vendor has made clear its intention to build a substantial business going forward around predictive data analysis.

The vendor recently invited seven technology bloggers to a business analytics event in which three of its executives, Rod Smith, vice president, Emerging Technologies, Mike Rhodin, senior vice president, Software Solutions Group and Balboni offered IBM's ideas and plans for its analytics business.

Evangelos Simoudis, a managing director at Trident Capital, a Palo Alto, CA-based venture capital and private equity firm, recently blogged about IBM's business analytics and his presentation at the event.

He wrote that IBM intends to add 3,000 business analytics consultants to its current roster of 4,000 such experts, and that it plans to build the business through more acquisitions and internal product development, according to executive presentations.

IBM also will continue to apply its business analytics technology and business processes in collaborative efforts with major cities around the world to streamline and improve their operations, Simoudis wrote.

Of particular note, IBM said that its customers are starting to ask for Apache Software Foundation's Hadoop-based data warehousing and analytics solutions to figure out if large amounts of data can be handled and analyzed at lower cost.

The Apache Hadoop framework supports distributed applications under a free software license.

In his presentation, Simoudis said that venture capital firms are investing in business analytics because cloud computing is creating new applications with embedded analytic technology, the growth of big data is testing the scalability of current data warehousing solutions, and the growing need to analyze mobile and social data.

He said that from the VC community's perspective, IBM's business analytics acquisitions have served to further validate the segment.

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