Avnet Refurbishment Program Keeps 105 Tons of Electronics From Landfills

Inasmuch as today is Earth Day, it seems appropriate to point to a channel member who has taken measures to reduce the IT industry's significant weight on the environment.

There are, of course, more than a few companies doing good things to slim down their carbon footprints. So the fact that Avnet's program to refurbish equipment to prolong digital life through repair or upgrade isn't unique doesn't diminish at all from its effectiveness.

To date, the distributor's refurbishment program, which it began six years ago based on customer feedback, has kept some 210,000 lbs. or 105 tons of electronic equipment away from landfills.

Avnet refurbishes servers, displays and other equipment by updating the hardware, software and options and ensures that the gussied up systems not only look good but also meet industry standards.

Services such as Avnet's not only diminish the environmental impact of the IT supply chain but also help to reduce energy consumption from the manufacturing of replacement or upgrade equipment.

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