February 2010 Archives

A recent study on U.S. broadband adoption conducted by the Federal Communications Commission revealed that affordability and lack of online skills inhibit adoption by some 93 million people in the U.S Read More
Hewlett-Packard Co. said it has elevated Tom Iannotti, currently managing director and senior vice president of its Americas and Enterprise Business, to lead its Enterprise Services unit.I Read More
Google Inc. has confirmed reports that it purchased Aardvark, a free question-and-answer web site, for a reported $50 million, continuing its strategy to add users by snapping up services companies. Read More
IBM Corp. is crediting competitive displacements from former Sun Microsystems Inc. and Hewlett Packard Co. customers with prompting Q4 2009 upticks in its revenue share for Unix servers, System x and Read More
Security vendor Kaspersky Labs recently named Kristen Capone, a software industry veteran, to head its Green Team channel program in North America, giving further weight to its stated intention to pum Read More