Cisco Woos Channel Partners

Cisco recently launched a series of initiatives aimed at helping partners navigate the global downturn.  Cisco's stated goal is to prepare them for an upturn and strengthen their future business prospects.  The “Navigate to Accelerate” program has four parts:

  • financial incentives designed to leverage increased demand for IT financing and leasing
  • margin incentives for selling into the existing customer base
  • special training for selling managed services, SaaS, and collaboration solutions
  • incentives for engaging other partners who have complementary knowledge and product portfolios

The number and quality of incentives highlights Cisco’s eagerness to keep partners loyal and focused on the Cisco portfolio.  On a high level it looks like the offers can be lucrative for the existing partners with established business.  On the other hand, it does not appear aimed at recruiting new partners so much as leveraging complementary ones. More information is available here.

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