Will Obama Push Open Source in Federal Government?

Here's news that should really get the open-source community flapping: President Barack Obama is supposedly studying the benefits that open source might bring to the U.S. government. According to this online report, Obama asked Sun Chairman Scott McNealy to author a white paper about the subject.

I have to admit -- given the fact that the U.S. is currently fighting two ground wars, another war on terrorism, an economic war and a never-ending war on drugs, I'm taken aback that a new open-standards war could be looming. But on the other hand, I'm ecstatic that we selected a president who knows enough about technology to even have this issue show up on his radar. In point of fact, open source probably could save the government money in the long run. And open operating systems like Ubuntu seem to be making the tech-heads swoon on college campuses and in the online busineses world. But will Obama mandate its use in federal agencies? Not if a lot of tech industry software lobbyists have their way.

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