Macs Finally Making Their Move Into Enterprise

Good news for Apple resellers used to seeing Macintoshes exalted in the education, graphic design and publishing markets but rejected in many others: The Mac is at last making inroads into the enterprise and being embraced by corporate IT departments.

According to a recent report, Apple has a bright future as the desktop of choice in corporate America. Mac hardware and operating platforms are increasingly being praised as reliable, Apple's growing consumer marketshare; the rise of Web 2.0 and SaaS (which means more power to the cloud and not so much to the desktop);and the fact that Apple coverted the Mac to co-exist with Intel are all viable factors in the sudden rise of the Macintosh.

I believe there are some other elements at play here as well. The Mac has always been elegantly designed and a whole lot more user-friendly that its Windows bretheren. (The ease of Apple downloads are just one immediate example.) There's a coolness factor to the Mac that no other competitor enjoys. (Someday the Linux people may achieve this with Ubuntu, which landed itself some fine publicity this weekend in the N.Y. Times, but that's a long way off.) And finally, people are just getting frustrated with Microsoft's endless operating system shenanigans and are looking for an alternative. (I know I've done whatever I can to not buy a computer with Vista on it.)

IT shops just don't run as tight a ship as they one did in this increasingly open technology environment. Apple has weathered many a channel storm, and the Mac has hung in there a long time. Maybe now is the time Apple's ship is finally coming in to corporate America. It's long overdue.

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