Google's Latest Plan to Dominate The World

Everyone knows Google has big plans for the cloud (including an important role for the channel), but now the company sounds like its planning something really big: Launching a service that would allow you to access your computer from any Internet connection.

According to this report, the new Google Drive (or G Drive) could make the PC obsolete. Or at least the PC hard drives crammed full of Microsoft application software. All of that data from everyone's hard drive would be stored on Google's servers and be accessed from the Internet.

Wow, this would really put the "cloud" into "cloud computing", as well as rain heavily on Microsoft's (and Apple's) parades. The PC would end up being a cheap, simple web portal. And I guess computer users everywhere would finally chant "All Power to the Google!"

It's an interesting concept, and I never sell Google short, but this grandoise scheme ain't going to happen. Maybe it's because I'm an only child, but what's mine is mine and Google's not getting any of it. Computers are already cheap and small and getting more so. If you need a computer to access Google's Cloud anyhow, what's the big deal with including a hard drive in it?

Plus, are you prepared to entrust ALL your information to the Great Google in the Sky? I don't think so. (Could you imagine how much downloaded Carmen Electra material would have to be indexed on Google servers?) And if the Republicans ever get back into power again, how long do you think it would take to slap a rider on the Patriot Act to grant the government unfettered access to all that Google data? IT departments will never buy in. It won't work on airplanes or cruise ships. What happens when your Internet service goes down? What happens if terrorist hackers hit the Google servers?

 I could go on and on. Really, who thought this one up? Thank God Eric Schmidt doesn't want to be Obama's CTO. We'll all sleep better at night. Preferably with our hard drives close at hand.

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