January 2009 Archives

The Year of the Smartphone

It seems to me the smartphone sweepstakes are getting a bit crowded. Just a few days ago, Acer revealed plans  to announce its entry into the market. Now the Wall Street Journal has set the blogo Read More
Everyone knows Google has big plans for the cloud (including an important role for the channel), but now the company sounds like its planning something really big: Launching a service that would Read More
Here's news that should really get the open-source community flapping: President Barack Obama is supposedly studying the benefits that open source might bring to the U.S. government. According to this Read More
Channel networking giant Cisco is supposedly preparing to enter the $50 billion server market, which would greatly round out its product strategy and propel it into new competition with vendors such a Read More
One of the interesting facts lost in the debate following Google's recent decision to launch a  Read More
Good news for Apple resellers used to seeing Macintoshes exalted in the education, graphic design and publishing markets but rejected in many others: The Mac is at last making inroads into the enterpr Read More
American companies may finally be reassessing their need to outsource to India, a step that I believe is long overdue. Last month's terrorist attacks in Mumbai caused some firms to think twice ab Read More
There's a awful lot of confusing debate about just how the economy will play out this year, and I don't believe the economic pundits are going to be any better predicti Read More