Obama's Election Will Boost IT Channel

President-elect Barack Obama may have a few other pressing concerns to solve -- like two wars, a deep recession and an inherited $1 trillion deficit -- before he turns his attention to IT and the channel. But the new administration is going to have a profound impact on the high-tech industry

One had to be be impressed just watching the way Obama's political machine (and supporting political groups like MoveOn.org) used the web to raise hundreds of millions of dollars, to communicate with supporters and to move legions of volunteers to where they were needed most. (As late as Election Day afternoon, Obama supporters noticed that young voters weren't turning out in the numbers expected and put out an urgent email alert to head to the nearest phone bank.) These guys get tech, they know how to use it as a competitive weapon and they are going to nurture and effectivly utilize technology to a greater extend that this country has ever seen.

This also bodes well for such issues as net neutrality, broadened Internet access, wireless applications and improved security. Two tech execs have been named to his transition team and he's indicated that technology policy will be a priority. There are repeated reports that longtime Obama supporter Eric Schmidt is in line to leave the CEO post at Google to become a new national technology czar. It's unclear how much of this will come to pass, but if high-tech comes to dominate the new administration, the impact on IT in general and the channel  specifically will be positive and vast.

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