Get Ready for the GooglePhone

Does the channel, the tech industry and the world-at-large really need another smart, wireless device? We'll find out soon enough since Tuesday is the day T-Mobile USA is set to release details of the first phone to use Google's software platform, Android.

Most of the buzz is the smartphone market has centered around the BlackBerry and Apple's iPhone. Still, at least one report suggests Google could capture about 4 percent of the U.S, wireless market during the first year with the new device. The phone is expected to include a touchscreen and slide-out keyboard and retail for about $199, the same price as the (recently reduced) iPhone.

I've been waiting for some manufacturer to come out with a smart device that offers wireless access and an interface like the iPhone and iTouch do, along with an expandable memory option, which would really light a fire under application developers who suddenly would be freed from Apple's closed (from a storage perspective, at least) universe. Meanwhile, how about a service provider actually putting some investment into a national mobile wireless network that can hand off a call for more than 90 seconds without dropping it? That would be the real breakthrough. The new smartphones are great, but the infrastructure supporting them stinks. Maybe Google and T-Mobile can change that, but given the current limitations of T-Mobile USA's existing national network, don't hold your breadth.

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