Will RFID Find Its Place in The Channel?

Radio frequency identification (RFID) has been mostly a peripheral technology to the channel. Now a worldwide survey from the trade group CompTIA suggests this is about to change.

The CompTIA survey of of 155 IT companies discovered that 46 percent of their customers had implemented an RFID solution as a pilot or in production deployment during the past year. That's up from a  year ago. More customers are using the technology for asset deployment, personal identification, supply chain, retail marketing and closed-loop manufacturing.

Vertical markets impacted by RFID include government, services, healthcare, financial, retail, commuications and manuifacturing. That's a broad cross-section of critical verticals for channel partners. The survey suggests that more business customers are beginning to understand the benefits in inventory management and distribution savings that RFID can bring. The channel is hardly stampeding toward the technology, but the survey certainly suggests that channel partners looking for new proit opportunities might consider RFID. CompTIA can certainly help with that effort.

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