Mini Notebooks Give XP A Second Life

It looks as if those mini-sized notebooks that are getting more popular may end up giving Microsoft's XP operating system a new life. The stripped down, barebones, small-footprint devices can't really handle Vista, so XP is Microsoft's alternative to Linux.

Lenovo, Dell. Hewlwtt-Packard and other channel players are free to load XP on the so-called "netbooks," according to a report carried by BBC News. XP also is getting a new life in a version tailored to embedded devices, according to an article distributed by Jupitermedia's Internetnews.com.

All of this makes smart busines sense for Microsoft, as well as channel vendors, white-box builders and other OEMs who still see customer demand for the operating system. The latest moves should also help placate XP enthusiasts who have launched an online petition to "save" the operating system. XP may pass from the scene eventually, but the rising popularity of the small notebooks shows there's still life left in the old operating system.

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