Web Surfers Becoming Ruthless, Survey Finds

Well, some bad news for you web readers: It appears you are becoming more ruthless. Selfish, too. You're not dawdling on the web anymore. You know what you want, and you want it now!

That's the conclusion of a recent report about web use written by researcher Jacob Nielsen. BBC News reports that Nielsen finds users are becoming much more used to interacting with the web, and they are much less likely when trying to perform a task, to let themselves be diverted by advertisements or (gasp!) editorial choices. He added that present web users lack patience and are becoming "ruthless." In fact, they are even getting frustrated with the apps and other widgets added to sites to make them more "sticky" to readers.

These are interesting conclusions that underscore how the web has evolved from a plaything into an important research tool. It's not surprising to me that people are becoming less patient online -- the same trend is apparent i most everyday endeavors where "down time" is at a premium. It's also reflected in the downslide of newspaper readership and network television viewing. People have learned to dislike advertising intrusions from using their TIVOs and DVRs and are getting used to "on-demand" viewing. Is it surprising that the web is evolving the ame way? Short, simple and uncluttered is the future of online content. 

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