The Age of Hyperconnectivity Dawns

IDC has just released a report that discovered there are a lot of hyped-up technology users out in the web world using multiple devices and multiple applications. This is great news for the channel, even if does not surprise any of us who have had their dinner, movie, airplane flight or sporting event interrupted by crazed Internet junkies.

The report, funded by Nortel, spanned 17 countries and found that these hyperconnected people are having a great impact on the workforce and that companies need to adjust to this. It's easy to spot these folks. They are usually running around talking loudly to themselves with a blinking Bluetooth device hanging from their ear, pecking on a keyboard of some kind. (In California it is often difficult to separate them from the legions of crazy street people who carry on animated conversations with themselves in public areas.)

However annoying this technology development may be for those of us who enjoy some semblance of peace and quiet and are not yet addicted to Facebook, YouTube or Second Life, it is going to mean a lot of new business for the channel. The hyperconnected among us will drive the long-predicted convergence of IT and telecom. They will buy many new gadgets and gizmos so they can be always-on. They will suck up bandwidth, strain networks, demand new security solutions so their passwords won't be stolen while sipping those lattes at Starbucks. There will be all sorts of new ways to reach these demanding customers who are so hooked in that they won't notice that their personal and business lives have hopelessly intertwined.

I say keep them wired and keep them spending and, hopefully, find a way to keep them muted.

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