New Rule: Video Piracy Threatens Public Safety

Leave it Los Angeles County government officials to enact another idiotic public law. Now peer-to-peer video and audio piracy has been declared on par with gambling, gang-banging and prostitution, and property where such activity occurs can be closed for as much as a year.

What's next? Will Los Angeles also declare rock 'n' roll illegal and bring back Prohibition? Probably, if the entertainment industry can figure out how to make a buck off of it. According to a report published on Wired.com, the local politicians caved into pressure from the motion picture and recording associations. Both trade groups have been waging a holy war on audio and video duplicating -- which they call piracy but P2Pers call sharing personal property -- for years. Just think how much fun we'd all be having if the recording and motion picture industries were similarly offended by the invention of the Xerox machine.

Going after and punishing the property owners who permit such nefarious activity to occur shows how silly and desperate the entertainment bigwigs have become. (Are they planning to bust every dorm room in LA?). Sorry, guys, technology has outpaced you. File-sharing is here to stay. You've already lost the war.

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