May 2008 Archives

 Computer manufacturer (and channel player) Dell is in hot water after a New York State judge ruled the company was deceptive in advertising its warranty and financing policies. Essential Read More
Well, some bad news for you web readers: It appears you are becoming more ruthless. Selfish, too. You're not dawdling on the web anymore. You know what you want, and you want it now! Read More
In yet another indication that channel businesses are in play, distributor Avnet has Read More
Distribution is back to the forefront of chanel news. Tech Data has reported strong 1Q numbers. Avnet Technology Solutions, meanwhile, has promoted an idustry veteran to the helm of its U.S. operation Read More
Microsoft has announced a cash rebate plan that would award its search engine users who actua Read More
The social networking phenomenon, which so far has been dominated by large, broad web sites such as Facebook and MySpace, appear to be in the process of re-invention. The channel may well be Read More
No doubt that Apple's new stores, including the one that just opened in Boston, are cool places to visit with the latest high-technology goods on display. And they'll no doubt be a hit with consumers. Read More
Microsoft sponsored an invitation-only executive summit this week to talk about the future of technology with 1 Read More
IDC has just released a report that discovered there are a lot of hyped-up technology users out in the web world using multiple devices and multiple applications. This is great news for the Read More
The poster child for municipal Wi-Fi in the United States, Philadelphia, is getting its plug pulled by service pro Read More
Hewlett-Packard confirms that it is discussing a possible deal with giant systems integrator EDS. If it happens, it could positi Read More
Leave it Los Angeles County government officials to enact another idiotic public law. Now peer-to-peer video and audio piracy has been declared on par with gambling, gang-banging and prostitution, and Read More
Sounds like Dell Computer is about to engage in a delicate balancing act with its new-found channel partners. The vendor is launching a managed services initiative to sell to customers directly.& Read More
The technology industry and channel partners are certainly much better off because of the Internet. The technology changes it has spawned have resonated through the channel for more than a decade. But Read More
Personal computers have for the first time gone on sale in Cuba, but the U.S. reseller channel is going to suffer because of the antiquated, ineffective and ridicuous trade embargo that the Bush Ad Read More