Channel Vendors Mourn Talent Shortage They Helped Create

Cisco is holding its channel partner summit this week. A good deal of the discussion at the event has centered around the shortage of skilled IT workers and the need to do something about it. Well, the first thing that might be done is for these vendors to quit shipping so many technical IT jobs overseas to save money.

"The labor market is really a challenge right now," complained one Cisco channel executive. The company is recruiting tech workers from the financial services and pharmaceutical industries, both areas that have taken recent financial hits. Another key recruiting ground is the military. But Cisco execs feel they have to dig deeper and convince the younger generation that the IT industry is a good place to be. They've started a program called "IT Rocks" that evangelizes the business to middle and high schoolers.

Of course, one of the reasons IT has stopped rockin' is because high-tech companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Dell, Apple and a host of others have moved tens of thousands of jobs offshore to save money. Is it any wonder the high schoolers see this and book out of IT careers? A bit of job security goes a long way toward attracting a decent workforce, but job security is something many large companies are willing to ditch to save a buck. This is as much about the gobal economy as it is greed. Change your behavior and the talent might return.

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