Can ISPs and P2Ps Coexist?

It's a good idea to develop a set of rights for Web peer-to-peer file sharers, but a proposal put forth by Comcast has generated its share of controversy and shows how tough it is to find common ground.

Comcast, under investigation for interfering with its subscribers' Web traffic, came up with the idea of a customer bill of rights and responsibilities as a way to atone for its actions that blocked some file-sharing activity. It's trying to find a way that ISPs and P2P companies can coexist peacefully. Good luck.

However, at least two groups are strongly objecting to Comcast's plan because it's short on details and lacks a pledge that Comcast won't block file-sharers in the future. This controversy highlights the slippery slope ISPs are on when they start trying to control or censor Web traffic, and it points up the need for the FCC to step in and guarantee customer rights. Sadly, under current FCC boss Kevin Martin there's little chance consumer interests wll be favored over those of big corporatons.

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