April 2008 Archives

May 1 represents the 15th anniversary of the day the Web's code was placed into the public domain. So this public birthday of the Internet raises the question of whether it's been a force for good or Read More
The latest quarterly financial reports from top channel distributors have been somewhat disappointing, unlike reports from channel vendors that show overseas sales are compensating for the economic sl Read More
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer made a smart political (if not business) move when he told a Read More
Tech companies with a strong channel presence seem to be doing well as the earnings season starts to unfold. Despite fears of a general economic slowdown, the tech sector seems to be hanging in well. Read More
Please, don't pass any laws that require me to actually regulate anything, especially the Internet. That's the message FCC Chairman's Kevin Martin appears to be delivering to Co Read More
The U.S. Senate this week considers an issue of critical importance to ISPs, developers and other channel partners: The future of the Internet.More specifically, S Read More
Kevin Gilroy, who headed Arrow Electronics' Enterprise Computer Solutions Group for the past 15 months, is leaving for personal reasons. He's the fourth person t Read More

Can ISPs and P2Ps Coexist?

It's a good idea to develop a set of rights for Web peer-to-peer file sharers, but a proposal put forth by Comcast has generated its share of controversy and shows how tough it is to find co Read More
Isn't it about time to start boycotting the corporations that are outsourcing IT jobs to India? As the U.S. economy continues to tank, IT outsourcing to India is reaching an all-time high. You ca Read More

Heed The Demand To 'Save XP'

Microsoft plans to stop selling the Windows XP operating system to retailers and manufacturers on June 30, but that hasn't stopped legions of supporters from using the Web to try to halt the inevitabl Read More
So you like to "share" music, video and other possibly copyrighted information over the Web. Do you have a right to Web access. Yes, if you are a European Union citizen. No, if you live in the U.S. Read More
The ongoing Cisco Partner Summit has provided an interesting look at the technologies the IT industry and the channel are starting to embrace. Videoconferencing, digital signage and physical secu Read More
Cisco is holding its channel partner summit this week. A good deal of the discussion at the event has centered around the shortage of skilled IT workers and the need to do something about it. Well, th Read More
With the airline industry in a state of complete chaos, will someone tell me why video on the Web (the fancy name for plain old videoconferencing) fails to take off? Like everyone else, I dread t Read More
Michael Dell has talked with Wall Street analysts and performed the usual soft-shoe dance so common among CEOs whose companies face financial difficulties. First, more employees will get the boot Read More
F.C.C. Chairman Kevin Martin, a true believer in letting big business consolidate however and whenever it pleases, has delivered what history will judge to be one of Read More
Dell, which has just announced $3 billion in cuts and has shed 3,200 workers during the last nine months, is making moves toward both managed services and the channel in an effort to bolster its Read More