Time For Channel to Dial Up iPhone

Here's some interesting news from research firm M:Metrics: Apple's iPhone has become the most popular device for accessing news and information on the mobile Web; some 85 percent of iPhone users used the device to access news in January. Nearly one-third of users watch mobile TV, and close to one- half use it as a social networking tool. This is happening at a time when Apple has opened up the iPhone to third-party developers.

In fact, it isn't just the iPhone that's attracting dramatic interest. As mobile devices tranform into small personal computers, Nokia devices and the BlackBerry are also igniting mobile access. Executives at Google Mobile report they are seeing a surge in mobile Web use. Many of these devices already have a place in the enterprise market. Clearly, channel partners ignore the potential of smartphones at their own peril. There's plenty of development opportunities here, as well as the potential to package these devices as part of a mobile sales force solution in both the enterprise and SMB spaces, especially in vertical markets such as real estate and insurance.

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