Microsoft's Vista SP1 Update: Channel Friend or Foe?

Microsoft's long-awaited Vista SP1 update has now gone public. As is typical in such cases, some are finding that the update process isn't all it should be. But what's really interesting it that there are widely different takes developing about the issue. Our sister Web site, InternetNews, has an interesting piece about how there are relatively few problems -- and Microsoft provided warnings about those beforehand. The article notes that so far it hasn't been the debacle that users experienced with earlier updates for XP.

However, CMP's Channel Web has quite a different story that highlights user "rage" against the Vista SP 1 update. Wow, are we talking about the same product here? Is there actual rage flowing in the channel's streets over this update? None of the other technology news sites seem to carrying much about this so far, so maybe there's more drama than substance here? Let me know what kind of Vista experience you are having.

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