Is Google Set to Become A Channel Player?

Just a few months ago, the telecom blogosphere was abuzz with breathless reports that Google would set the mobile phone industry ablaze with new products that would blow away Apple's iPhone and other competitors. The reports got pretty tantalizing, and bets were placed on just which vendors and carriers Google would buddy up with. Well, as is so often the case in the blogosphere, the buzz turned out to be a bomb: Google's play was really software, not hardware, and the GooglePhone never materialized.

Now it's the channel's turn to be tantalized. Is Google headed in this direction? Ziff's Channel Insider has an interesting package of articles about what may (or may not) be Google's Secret Channel Plans bandied about at an Ingram channel event in New Orleans. Interesting reading, for sure, but you be the judge of whether is poised to disrupt or dismay the current channel hierarchy. I've got my doubts.

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