Dell's Path to Vista Could Trouble Channel

Dell, which is still making XP available as an operating system of choice for some systems on its Web site, has decided to help ease the path to Vista.

The vendor (and recent channel player) rolled out its Client Migration Solution program, a set of tools for companies with 2,500 systems or more. Too bad Dell's solution won't play in the SMB market, a real sweet spot for the channel. But at least it's a start. Dell claims it can significantly reduce migration costs. Company officials also figure that the enterprise is a lot more willing to think about embracing Vista than their small-business  counterparts, which is probably true. (Most technology migration typically starts in the enterprise and works its way down.)

One major concern for the channel, however, is whether Dell's latest action will cut into its business. After all, resellers typically play a big role in helping companies migrate to new technology. An article on CMP Channel Web explores this issue. Dell doesn't see to address it, but it could quickly evolve into another example of channel conflict between vendors and resellers.

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