March 2008 Archives

Dell, which has just announced $3 billion in cuts and has shed 3,200 workers during the last nine months, is making moves toward both managed services and the channel in an effort to bolster its Read More
If there's any doubt the outsourcing market is alive and well, it was put to rest today when Rotal Dutch Shell decided to spend $4 billion during the next five years to improve its worldwide&n Read More
There's a superb, must-read article published today by John Dvorak on Read More
Virtualization is becoming big business to the channel. This fact became even more clear when mainstream distributor Tech Data Corp. announced an exclusive agreement to distribute Parallels Virtuozzo Read More
Worldwide PC growth is slowing a bit, according to the latest numbers from research firm Gartner, but that should provide a real opportunity for the channel to capitalize on its strength in partn Read More
Dell, which is still making XP available as an operating system of choice for some systems on its Web site, has decided to help ease the path to Vista.The v Read More

Can Google Save Wi-Fi?

Service providers seem to be throwing in the towel on Wi-Fi (or at least the municipal flavor of it). That's one reason why Google deserves some praise for its new " Read More
Microsoft's long-awaited Vista SP1 update has now gone public. As is typical in such cases, some are finding that the update process isn't all it should be. But what's really interesting it that th Read More
Here's some interesting news from research firm M:Metrics: Apple's iPhone has become the most popular device for accessing news and i Read More
Now that the proposed Microsoft deal for Yahoo seems more likely to happen, attention is turning to the potential impact it would have on the Web. Eric Schmidt, the CEO of chief rival Google, Read More
Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates predicts a bright future for speech recognition, integrated touch-screen technology and tablet computers, all areas that could wind up becoming more important for VARs Read More
Just a few months ago, the telecom blogosphere was abuzz with breathless reports that Google would set the mobile phon Read More
Interesting channel news developing today. Oracle has another shake-up in its executive channel ranks. The company has named Judson Althoff to head its channel operation. There has been instability Read More
Sales into the SMB space have always been critical to channel partners. Enterprise investment tends to lag behind small business, which tends to stay more vibrant, diverse and flex Read More
Channel distribution giant Tech Data Corp. reports its quarterly profit rose 39 percent, thanks to gross margin improvements and a boost in worldwide sales. Good news, but can the fl Read More
Channel sites are abuzz today with news from Microsoft at Germany's Cebit show. Apparently, the vendor is now going to make available to all customers beta versions of SharePo Read More