So Who Loves the Channel More? HP or Dell?

Emphasizing the point that the channel may well determine the final answer to who wins the U.S. market share battle, HP or Dell, HP officials sound like they are about to launch a channel love-in.

At its partner summit today in Las Vegas, HP CEO Mark Hurd is asking channel partners for help in fueling future growth. According to a Ziff Channel Insider report, he says the company aims to streamline its channel bureaucracy and minimize direct and indirect conflict to help partners thrive.

Well, it's hardly news that HP loves the channel or that channel conflict exists or that the channel drives sales. The real question here is how the heck can HP help its channel partners make more money with an IT slowdown looming?  Dell's moves with VARs puts great pressure on HP to respond forcefully. There's a lot more to it than making it easier to work with the company. How about raising margins? Faster time-to-market? A more vertical sales approach? Just what specifically does HP have in mind here?

I'd love to hear what VARs think about this.

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