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Another Mighty Telecom Failure

Nortel, the networking giant that represented Canadian telecom supremacy for more Read More

Security Vulnerabilities Rising: Cisco

Channel partners need to be aware that IT security is being threatened by incre Read More

Google's Chrome Should Still Be In Beta

Commentary: Count me among the surprised to see Google's Chrome browser officially out of beta yesterday. S Read More

A Networking Idea That's Out of This World

Mandrake Linux Founder Back, Virtually

Whatever happened to the founder of Mandrake Linux? He's back on the scene with a new open source startup and looking to break some ground with its first offering called a Virtual Desktop solutio Read More

Apple Goes Bug-Hunting in Safari 3.2

Nortel Sheds Billions and its CTO

When times get tough, they seem to get even tougher for some in the networking sector. Nortel Networks, which was hit particularly hard when the dot-com bubble burst in 2001, is reporting big losse Read More

Cisco Unleashes Big Routers For Video

As traffic demands grow, so grow the products to deliver more bandwidth. Enter Cisco, which is rolling out a new high end Aggregation Services Router (ASR) that can deliver a whopping 6.4 Tera Read More

Juniper Taps Into Datacenter Consolidation

Consolidation of assets is a key mantra for challenging economic times. It's also one that is being trumpeted by Juniper Networks in a new datacenter infrastructure push that has virtualization a Read More

What's Up with the GNOME Linux Desktop?

UPDATED: It takes money and it takes new ideas to build a better desktop, both of which are being raised by the open source GNOME Foundation. GNOME is one of the most popular Linux Read More

Sun, Cisco Vets Join Linux-Based Networking Play

Sun co-founder Andreas von Bechtolsheim is giving up his full-time job at the company to focus on a startup networking play. Bechtolsheim is now set to become the chief development officer and Read More

Why Exploitability is Key to Risk

On any given day I see reports of various security issues allegedly affecting applications and Web sites. Often in my own professional estimation, I judge many issues to be non-issues but it's not Read More

Souped-up Clients: There to Guard Networks

No matter what business they're in, enterprises face the same challenge: providing users with the fastest and most secure network access possible, at a good price. For many, meeting that chall Read More

U.S. IT Security Better Than Rest of the World?

While there are some problems with IT security in the U.S., Americans in general have better security behavior to prevent data loss than other parts of the world. That's a general finding in a new Read More

Cisco's New UC Offerings Bring Channel to the Cloud

Channel vendor Cisco Systems has unveiled a new product portfolio that integrates Read More

Some Surprises in Novell's Foray Into NAC

Novell is diving into the market for network access control (NAC) with its new ZENworks Network Access Control solution. The launch isn't without its quirks, however. The idea behind Novell' Read More

Cisco and Juniper Roll New Networking Gear

Networking leaders Cisco and Juniper are both issuing new releases to their product portfolio this week that expand on the promise of speed and service convergence. Cisco is rolling out new mobile Read More

Cisco Looks to Lock Down Remote Workers

Remote workers are proliferating in organizations around the world. Yet how do you easily ensure that they are connecting seamlessly and securely to the enterprise infrastructure? It's a quest Read More

Google @10: The Can Opener Innovation Continues

Commentary: Behold the world's most popular can opener is 10 years old! Or, as it calls itself, Google. Bet you thought that Google was all about search, but you'd be wrong. Se Read More

Lots of Foot Dragging on IPv6

The IPv4 address space is near exhaustion, yet a new report claims that traffic on the modernized IPv6 protocol is slow and migration to the newer address spaces is sluggish. In Read More

Web Doomsday Averted: Kaminsky

LAS VEGAS -- The recent Domain Name System caching flaw that had security experts scrambling to protect the Web wasn't just hype. The Internet as we know it was at risk, according to Read More

IBM, Linux and the Microsoft-Free PC

IBM is expanding its Linux solution set today with a new initiative together with Red Hat, Novell and Ubuntu for Microsoft-free PCs. After 10 years of supporting Linux, IBM (NYSE: IBM) continues Read More

Alcatel-Lucent Loses Its Leadership

Brocade's New Networking Foundry

The networking world is now a little smaller thanks to Brocade buying out networking company Foundry for $3 billion. The deal creates a new end-to-end networking vendor from storage area networks ( Read More

Oracle Patches 45 Vulnerabilities

What's Next for IPv6 in the U.S.?

Juniper, Cisco Fight for Carrier Cash

In the fight for the billions at stake in the carrier router marketplace, Cisco and Juniper Networks are going toe-to-toe. This week, that meant both claiming success in deals with Comcast -- Read More

Who Needs IPv6?

On Monday June 30th, the U.S. Government mandate for IPv6 readiness comes into effect. Years ago, when I first became aware of the mandate, I thought that this would be the day that IPv6 would fin Read More

Yahoo Mail Hit by Scripting Vulnerability

Fleeing employees and irate shareholders aren't the only things that Yahoo is worrying about these days. The embattled search portal is also fighting the good fight against security vulnerabilitie Read More

Cisco Wants to Virtualize Your Datacenter

Without a doubt virtualization is a hot topic in IT, though often it's thought of just in the server consolidation context. Networking giant Cisco Systems (NASDAQ: CSCO) is now expanding its virtua Read More

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