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Is Microsoft Poised For a Comeback?

The recession is bad. And it could get worse before it gets better. But the downturn will end. And when it does, the consumer electronics and IT industries will look very different from those that Read More

How Facebook Is Destroying the 'Nuclear Family'

A new study published this week by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found that cell phones and computers are actually Read More

Three Ways SMBs Can Survive the Downturn

COMMENTARY Stocks are plummeting. Banks are failing. The money's all gone. If you're a small or medium-size business owner with employees, I'm going to tell you something yo Read More

Social Networking: What Are 'Friends' For?

Social networking is huge and growing. Some people don't "get it." Others participate, but reluctantly. And, of course, still others are rabid enthusiasts (including Yours Truly). There ar Read More

Why 'Cloud Computing' Is for the Birds

Everybody is talking about "cloud computing," the latest and most problematic major buzzword to plague IT jargon. Here's why I think we should all just stop using it. "Cloud computing" is con Read More

Why Apple and China Are Simply Incompatible

The Beijing Olympics begin in two weeks. But for Apple, the China games have already begun. The company opened a shiny new Apple store in Beijing Saturday -- the "first of many" in China, accord Read More

The Impact of Google's Virtual World

Google launched a "beta" 3D virtual environment platform yesterday called Lively. The product has been compared to the virtual world "Secon Read More

The 7 Features the 'iPhone Killers' Missed

Every week, it seems, the press labels some new phone the latest "iPhone Killer." Th Read More

Here Comes the Asus 'Freee PC'

Asus shook up the industry with its $300 -- $600 mini notebook last year. Asus continues to dominate the market for Read More

Is it Time to Globalize Time?

Did you know that pilots use a different system of time than the rest of us? The entire aviation community -- from professional airline pilots who fly the biggest passenger jets to weekend amateu Read More

Where Annoying Tech Buzzwords Come From

Silicon Valley is a marvelous engine of innovation -- both technical and linguistic. And to use an annoying Silicon Valley buzzword, language invention is the “low-hanging fruit” of the inno Read More

Here Comes The 2008 Beijing Olympic Disaster

Prediction: The story of the year in 2008 will be the colossal failure of censorship during the Beijing Olympic games. The games themselves will be exciting, lavish and hotly contested. But the m Read More

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