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MessageOne Acquisition Continues Dell's Makeover

Dell on Tuesday acquired MessageOne, an on-demand e-mail archiving and disaster recovery company, for $155 million as the computer maker continues its evolution beyond the PC to provide more softwa Read More

Salesforce.com Put Itself in Play?

Salesforce.com shareholders received an unexpected gift Monday after Silicon Valley Watcher, a tech industry blog, reported the on-demand business Read More

VMware Spruces up Desktop Offering

VMware on Wednesday released Virtual Desktop Manager 2 (VDM2), a new management and control layer for companies virtualizing their desktop environments on its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) s Read More

Chaos Abounds But SAP's Outlook Remains The Same

SAP on Wednesday offered investors a relatively modest sales outlook for 2008. Considering the current economic malaise, however, it looks downright bullish. The world's largest business appli Read More

IBM Targets SMBs With Virtualization Makeover

If VMware is to virtualization software what "American Idol" winner Carrie Underwood is to country music, then IBM is Barbara Mandrell. The boys (and girls) in Armonk, N.Y. were knee-deep i Read More

Study: Software Industry Shrugs Off U.S. Economic Woes

A new report from the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA) suggests that despite the numerous maladies plaguing the U.S. economy, software companies are doing just fine, thank you - Read More

IBM Adds AptSoft to SOA Portfolio

IBM on Wednesday acquired privately held AptSoft, a Burlington, Mass.-based developer of software used to identify and alert businesses to emerging trends and events, which are culled from real-tim Read More

IBM Teams Up With SAP on Atlantic

IBM and SAP on Monday announced plans to release a jointly developed application that allows employees to access SAP's Business Suite applications through their Lotus Notes desktop client. C Read More

IBM's Vertical Approach to SOA

With the launch of something it calls the Retail Integration Framework (RIF), IBM this week gave prospective customers and its competitors a preview of what it has in store for SOA-enablement Read More

HP's Presciption For Archiving Headaches

HP on Thursday rolled out Medical Archive Solution (MAS) 3.0, an archiving platform designed to increase storage flexibility and medical data availability for healthcare providers. This late Read More

Outsourcing Market Will Remain Robust in 2008

IT outsourcing deals don't garner the splashy headlines they did just two or three years ago, but that doesn't mean enterprise customers are suddenly averse to turning to outside providers for help Read More

BPL Gains Momentum But Roadblocks Remain

Broadband over power line technologies (BPL)  and products will continue to gain momentum in 2007, according to a report issued by market researcher In-Stat, but price, retail avai Read More

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